The Toronto Pup Wrestling Clinic

is a workshop for pups who take part or want to take part in the Black Eagle's monthly “Pup Night” event.  Modern wrestling and mixed martial arts meet fun and frolicking puppy play in order to blend a safer wrestling style with a leather pup mindset in the effort to foster community through sporting combat. Learn to use the Pup Night rules to your benefit, and develop your body and puppy spirit to help prevent injuries and make friends.


Your host will be Shallis Pup as he covers:

-safety in materials, gear and falling/rolling
-wrestling at the Eagle (awareness of other pups!!!)
-Bodily awareness with pup night rules and modified techniques
-Sporting attitudes to bring to Pup Night.
-Mixing puppy play mindset with wrestling techniques to get the most out of your romps on the mat.

Cost:  $10  Half of all proceeds to go to the Toronto/International pup fund