Sounds Workshop

With Master Tony ILS 2009 

The wonderful world of urethral play!”

The urethra is a much overlooked area of sensation and stimulation. 

Sounds/dilators are wonderful tools to satisfy that area!

The sounds workshop will be informative and hands-on. 

We will discuss the sexual and sensual aspects of sounds

and urethral play and urethral stimulation. 

Role play and how these instruments can fit into a scene will be addressed.  

Basics of anatomy, a bit of history on sounds as well as safety

and cleanliness (including issue pertaining to sterilization) will also be covered. 

There will be a demonstration of the different types of sounds/dilators.

For those who are interested to try it,

there will be the opportunity for people to try the sounds for themselves,

with different types and sizes available for use.