Play, Erotic, Temporary Piercing

& Cutting Workshop

Saturday October 19th 3 to 6pm

…there will be blood!

This workshop will demonstrate the use of needles

for erotic/temporary piercing and stimulation,

and will focus on technique and safety for having a healthy

and enjoyable BDSM scene.

We will look at a number of things including mental

and physical aspects of this form of BDSM play.

We will not only include the safe use of needles,

but the proper disposal of needles and equipment,

as well as sterility and cleanliness. Focus on safety,

both physical and mental and the concerns that may occur

with this very invasive and exciting play will be stressed.

Sterile, single use needles will be available for those who wish to try it.

We are also going to delve into the erotic taboo of cutting in the context of BDSM play.

Knife play and the safe use of knives and scalpels will be discussed and demonstrated,

as well as the aspects of blood play and safety issues surrounding that and "blood born pathogens"

(just for those who like to throw that term around because

they think it is the ONLY concern in dealing with any play involving blood!!)

The workshop will be hands-on and interactive,

so anyone who wishes to try out some techniques will be able to do so in a safe,

controlled environment.