Interrogation Workshop:

…let the games begin!

The interrogation scene is one of the most exciting,

exhilarating, intense scenes in our arsenal of BDSM sports! 

However, it can also be the most damaging (from a mental perspective). 

There are many physical aspects to this type of scene,

but the better part of the scene is dedicated to the “mind fuck!

We will look at the scene from many angles,

physical, mental, emotional, etc. 

Negotiation is key before individuals set out in this type of scene. 

Developing trust is foremost for this role play to be successful. 

There is always the possibility of dredging up demons

that have been hidden or locked away,

and how to deal with that situation will be important for all parties involved.

Many tools will be demonstrated that can be used,

both physical tools (toys) and communication tools.

The power struggle, the Dom/sub connection,

the game playing between all parties will be address. 

We will look at many of the ways to make this an exciting,

safe (both physically and mentally) role play for everyone.